We put our employees first!

In connection with the development of our company, we are constantly increasing the number of employees.

We are working hard on improving the quality in the areas of rewarding, bonuses and benefits, education and development. We keep increasing the comfort of our workplace and we also focus on the support of interpersonal relationships by organizing social events and family days. We actively cooperate with technically oriented high schools in our region.

We are active in the field of social and sports support. We regularly support for example the FTC Vysoké Mýto floorball association, Orlice Cup extreme race as well as a number of smaller events all around our region. We also take part in the official events organized by the Municipality of Vysoké Mýto.

Rewards, bonuses and benefits:

Education and development:

  • Our reward system is focused on increasing competitiveness
  • We concentrate on a long-term progress /annual salary review/
  • We offer benefits based on the current needs of the employee /commute allowance, increased allowances, a bonus week of vacation, current shopping discounts/
  • We steadily increase the professional qualification of our employees with specialised trainings /e.g. CAD / CAM / CAE skills, welding and other expert skills, computer skills, etc./
  • We offer language education
  • We provide management education and coaching systems for managers

Comforts of the workplace:

Social events:

  • We have our own cafeteria and a morning canteen
  • We have vending machines for meals, goodies and drinks at all mess rooms over the facility available 24/7
  • We provide laundry services for work clothes
  • Family day
  • Outdoor teambuilding
  • Sporting events

What do we offer to schools:

  • Excursions
  • Scholarship programs
  • A number of topic options for both bachelor´s and master´s theses /metallurgy, material heat forming and heat treatment, machining, quality control and material testing/

Are you interested? Contact us!

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Czech Republic
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