About BOHEMIA RINGS s.r.o.

BOHEMIA RINGS is a Czech company that was founded by Matthias Brück and his sister Anne Brück under the name of Brück AM in 1993.
The company was founded on a greenfield site and at first, it was involved in machining of rotary component parts. The first products were manufactured in 1995. The company continued to develop, both on a commercial and personnel level, while expanding its production possibilities.
In 2009, the company launched the operation of heat forming, which finally complemented the entire production cycle from rolling to the final metal cutting. Since then, BOHEMIA RINGS has been the largest Czech and important central European supplier of seamless hot-rolled rings with a high ratio of machining. The rings for large-scale bearings used in wind power plants, gears and gearboxes are our brand products.

In 2018, the company was acquired by the group of Třinecké Železárny – Moravia Steel. Thanks to its stability, high expertise and experience, BOHEMIA RINGS continues to develop and strengthen its position on the market.