Our Policy

  • to hold up in the competitive environment and to ensure work and future to our employees and their families
  • to provide an opportunity of self-realisation to each employee who identifies with the company values that are team work, professionalism, reliability, loyalty, satisfaction and always something more
  • to do more than the customer expects, ensuring the growing quality of services and products
  • to develop the company so that it becomes a phenomenon on the market and a role model for other businesses
  • to continuously improve, seek and find new procedures, not only in the production area, but in all the areas of the integrated system
  • to continuously improve and apply prevention in the area of environmental protection and occupational health and safety
  • to bear direct responsibility for the quality of cooperation that all our employees provide to our partners, but also to one another in their everyday activity
  • to be in compliance with the corresponding requirements of legal regulations and other requirements related to the environmental aspects and to occupational health and safety